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Stack of Tires

Car tyres

At SMS Tyres we have available to us a massive range of car tyres, most available the same day. From budget to mid-range, from mid-range to premium. We aim to suit all budgets. 

EV tyres

Electric vehicle (EV) tyres are a category of car tyre that has been developed by several manufacturers to meet the specific requirements of an electric vehicle. Tyres developed specifically for electric vehicles do need to perform to specific criteria. Namely, but not exclusively, the extra weight of an EV - which could lead to longer braking distances on conventional tyres - and the instant torque of an electric vehicle, which can result in increased and excessive tyre wear on conventional tyres.


Run flat tyres

Runflats, Run-on-Flat or SSR tyres are currently fitted to many Mini's, BMW's, Fords, Mercedes & Lexus vehicles. They are designed to allow cars to be driven safely in the event of a puncture for around 50 miles at a reduced speed of up to 50mph and work in conjunction with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

4x4 tyres

Our mobile van unit is fully equipped to handle these large size tyres. We can supply a wide range of tyres for four wheel drive vehicles: On/Off Road, 2WD,4WD, A/T, AWD AND UHP.


Caravan, Trailer & Motorhome Tyres

The big advantage with our mobile tyre fitting service is we come to you and there is no need bring your large vehicle to a tyre depot or garage or even move it. For safety reasons tyres on these vehicles should be changed every 5 to 7 years regardless of the amount of tread remaining and tyres inspected for ageing - lumps bumps, cuts and cracks etc, before making any trip. Call us on: 02392 480861 and we can discuss the requirements and options for your particular vehicle.

How to check your tyre size. Use this simple guide to make sure you have the right size before purchasing.


Checking your tyre pressures is important.

tyre pressure.jpg

The entire weight of your vehicle is supported by your tyres’ air pressure. As tyres naturally lose a little bit of air every month, it’s essential to check your tyre pressure on a regular basis.

Tyre pressure affects a vehicle’s performance in a lot of key handling and safety areas, such as how quickly you can brake, your accuracy in handling corners, and the general comfort of your drive.

Fuel consumption is also affected by tyre pressure. A deformed tyre can increase your car’s resistance with the road, meaning your fuel will be working harder and costing you more.


Understanding tyre labels.

195/65/15  HHEC5


Be ready for any journey with Matador Hectorra 5.

  • Comfortable drive and low noise

  • Maximum efficiency and high tyre life

  • Great performance in wet conditions

225/40/18   YK127HKXL


Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 is a summer tyre crafted to deliver outstanding performance on wet and dry roads. 

  • Improved traction

  • High aquaplaning resistance

  • Stable and powerful driving experience

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