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SMS TYRES can supply and fit a wide range of tyres from most leading manufacturers. From premium to mid-range or budget brands to suit your requirements and have them fitted at the most convenient time and place for you. Whether you need tyres for your car, van, mini-bus, caravan, 4x4 or trailer. Call us on: 02392 480861 to discuss your requirements and arrange an appointment.


Winter & Seasonal Tyre Swap

SMS TYRES recommend that you always fit a full set of winter/cold weather tyres. Although it is not a legal requirement in the UK to use winter tyres, doing so can improve driving safety and reduce the chances of road accidents as they provide much better grip and handling on cold and damp road surfaces, not just on snow and ice.


Winter tyres can significantly reduce the braking distance of your vehicle as braking times on damp and wet road surfaces can be potentially just as hazardous as on snowy roads. When temperatures drop below 7º C. the molecules in normal tyre tread rubber harden and eventually freeze making them much less adaptable to the road surface and reducing grip levels. Advanced tread patter design and modern compound technology ensures that this hardening effect at low temperatures is minimised and grip levels increased. As tread depth decreases, braking distances increase, so for maximum effectiveness and safety make sure you check your tread depth regularly.


Winter tyres work most efficiently at temperatures below seven degrees Celsius when the performance of normal “summer” tyres rapidly decline, so the optimal times of year in the UK is to have them fitted is during October and then removed again during March (weather permitting). Our mobile tyre service will replace your tyres at your chosen location - home or work.


Caravan, Trailer & Motorhome Tyres

The big advantage with our mobile tyre fitting service is we come to you and there is no need bring your large vehicle to a tyre depot or garage or even move it. For safety reasons tyres on these vehicles should be changed every 5 to 7 years regardless of the amount of tread remaining and tyres inspected for ageing - lumps bumps, cuts and cracks etc, before making any trip. Call us on: 02392 480861 and we can discuss the requirements and options for your particular vehicle.


Runflat Tyres

Runflats, Run-on-Flat or SSR tyres are currently fitted to many Mini's, BMW's, Fords, Mercedes & Lexus vehicles. They are designed to allow cars to be driven safely in the event of a puncture for around 50 miles at a reduced speed of up to 50mph and work in conjunction with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

Our mobile unit is equipped to supply and fit these difficult tyres up to a 24” rim.


4x4 Tyres

Our mobile van unit is fully equipped to handle these large size tyres. We can supply a wide range of tyres for four wheel drive vehicles: On/Off Road, 2WD,4WD, A/T, AWD AND UHP.

For 4x4 vehicles both tyres on the same axel should be changed at the same time to avoid any differential damage.


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