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Mobile Services


Wheel Balancing

Our service vehicle is equipped with a computerised wheel balancer that will accurately balance wheels on a wide range of vehicles from cars to light commercial vehicles. It is important to have your wheels properly balanced when a new tyres are fitted to a vehicle to avoid any imbalances and a proper distribution of weight around the entire wheel assembly. Failure to do so can lead to steering wheel vibration at speed and in the longer term premature wearing of the tyres and other vehicle components. Balancing should also be checked at regular intervals and after any knocks or damage to any of the wheels.


Locking Wheel Nut Removal

We are equipped with a specialist device to safely remove most types of locking wheel nut without damaging the wheels, if the original removal tool has been lost or damaged. If this is the case please call us on: 02392 480861 beforehand.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems Replacement

All cars registered after 1st January 2012 will have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) which is fitted to cars to monitor the air pressure within the tyres and to warn the driver if they drop below the recommended levels. If the pressure drops more than 20% below the manufacturer's recommended pressure then the system alerts the driver by a visual and/or audible warning inside the car. Most tyre blow outs are caused by driving on under inflated tyres and a TPMS system increases your safety by reducing the chance of these incidents. Driving with under-inflated tyres also uses more fuel and tyre wear so having a TPMS system also saves you money on fuel and increases tyre life. All new vehicles sold in the EU now must have a form of TPMS fitted to them by law.


Most TPMS systems use a tyre pressure sensor which is attached to the back of the tyre valve. Until recently motorists had to return to their main dealer to buy replacement tyre pressure sensor valves and have them fitted and then programmed to work with the car. Our mobile unit can supply and reprogramme them for you at much less cost.


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